Top 10 Free Tumblr Grid Themes

Searching for right tumblr theme can be a daunting task but when come to tumblr grid themes, it is more daunting than ever. So if you are searching for good tumblr grid themes for free i.e. absolute no cost, now you don't need to search for them anymore. As here I have compiled down some of the best free tumblr grid themes for you and your photography blog ;)

1. Syndex

Syndex: White Tumblr Grid Theme
Syndex: White Tumblr Grid Theme
Syndex is ultra-sexy and modern white slate grid themes for your photography blog. Best suited for high quality photograph blogs.

Blogging in English For Non-Native English Speakers and Bloggers

First of all you need to understand, we are not going to talk about English (the natives of England), we are here to talk about the English (the language in which we are communicating right now) :D. And Second, English is not my mother tongue, not even my second language and if you go by my ancestral history, it is not even my third language. But I think, I go with number four which will drop down to number five or six seeking my growing love for French and Spanish.

So What's up with English, most of us fear to start a blog because of poor English skills. But the real question comes up, "Do I really need to know proper English to start a blog?" and also, "Do I need to learn Grammer to write my blog post?" and blah blah and more blah...........

30 Motivational Quotes For Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Every one needs motivation and specially, we bloggers need much more motivation and inspiration than others. Not talking much blah, blah and blah, here I have compiled down some of the best motivational quotes for you aka blogger inside you to get inspired and motivated about blogging and being professional.

Motivational Quotes on Starting Up

Motivational Quotes on Starting a Blog

6 Beautiful Three Column Tumblr Themes For Free

So you are looking for three column themes for your tumblr blog. But you haven't found anything to suit your taste. No need to worry, now you don't have to make a wild search for free three column tumblr themes. Here I have compiled down some of the best 3 column themes to suit your tumblr taste buds. Just hope you will like the theme compilation and grab the best one for yourself.

1. Astronaut

Astronaut: 3 Column White Tumblr Theme
Astronaut: 3 Column White Tumblr Theme
Astronaut is simple white slate 3 column tumblr blog theme. With support for disqus comments and twitter update widget.